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13th May 2014


Hey pals. As this grainy photo taken with a cell phone conveys, there are some new SW tunes on the way. More info to come…

Hey pals. As this grainy photo taken with a cell phone conveys, there are some new SW tunes on the way. More info to come…

3rd October 2013


THE INTERVIEW NO ONE’S BEEN WAITING FOR: Jared Discusses Sic Waiting, Ass Hair and Touring to Mars in Interview with Himself

image(photo: David Ulrigg)

There’s no one I like talking to more, or who’s opinion I respect more than Me. Just ask me. So when I asked Me for a short interview to discuss Sic Waiting, the current state of affairs, plans for the future, and life in general and I agreed, well needless to say I wet our pants just a little. Enjoy.

Jared: First off thanks for talking with me, I’ve really looked up to you for a long time. You are awesome and funny and you have cool-ass hair and your nose isn’t big at all.

JARED: No problem, and that’s only natural. Though we are the same height, you will always look up to me.

Jared: So let’s start with the obvious, where the hell have you guys been this year?

JARED: We’ve been doing our own things a bit this year. Though we did do some rad shows with Unwritten Law, A Wilhelm Scream and the Flatliners earlier this year, we kind of fragmented off after last year’s national tour ended. Dylan moved to Texas with his girlfriend and got busy gettin’ busy, and now they have a head-butting mini-shredder on the way. This is going to shock some people, but playing in an independent punk band isn’t as lucrative as it seems. So when you have a family starting, it’s often better to make a graceful exit.

Brian has been married with child for years and always has worked at Costco like in that movie ‘The Watch.’ Brian is in charge of the alien portal ray thing. They sample it every Saturday and Sunday at the end of the frozen foods aisle. He hasn’t toured with us for years either, but he stopped playing locally and recording with us at the beginning of the year so he could get a bit more focused. Now he plays in a Bad Religion tribute band called Generator, and they kick ass. He also just got his pilot’s license, so I’ll be taking the train everywhere from here on out. Just kidding, he is piloting our next tour like Bruce Dickenson did with Iron Maiden.

G’s still here talkin’ all ‘New Yawky,’ and has been a horrible influence on me this year because he’s very persuasive and has a cultivated drinking habit like I do. However he also finished recording a record with his other band All Things End that is being released in the next few months. They are playing some shows on the east coast this winter, which of course is the best time to tour the east coast. If you like Off With Their Heads, Banner Pilot, Jawbreaker, Nothington etc. you’d like All Things End.

I’ve been on a couple Dead Frets acoustic tours with Matt Salkeld this year, better known as SW roadie extraordinaire Bob Evans (look him up on the facebook), and I’ve been writing. We are hoping to get a split out by the time we hit the road again this December. We’re gonna call it Dead Frets and Matt Salkeld’s “Huge Steaming Pile of Split.” He is not yet aware of this.

Jared: That answer was too long, and no one is reading anymore. You are boring, tighten it up. What about Dave? I met your drummer and his name was Dave, and he had cool hair and a lot of yellow shit.

JARED: Dave, who has done the last two national tours with us as well as saved our asses on a number of occasions and always at the last minute, has been working in Vegas and probably partying way, way too hard. He’s in a really good band called War Called Home. He’s also the fifth Ninja Turtle by night and I think he’s going to kick my ass next time I’m near a sewer grate in Vegas to get me back for the torment I talked him into signing up for two years in a row.

Jared: Speaking of Vegas, didn’t you guys have a team at Punk Rock Bowling?

JARED: Had a team, got drunk, kicked ass and got 15th place, won $200, spent $200 at the bar within 15 minutes of receiving it, somehow ended up back in San Diego 3 days later. Oh and we got posters, which is sweet. The team was named 3 Drunks and a Driver, but it ended up just being 4 drunks and no driver.

Jared: Sounds fun, I sure wish I could have made it. So what about Sic Waiting? You guys are done?

JARED: Wrong, stupid. God, you’re so stupid. I’ve been writing for SW too and I have about a full-length’s worth of material. We’ve demoed out about half of it and are in the middle of working out the rest. The acoustic shit is fun, but the SW shit is where my and our heart and total financial investment is. To quote every musician ever, “this new record is going to be the best thing we’ve ever done.” But seriously though, this is going to be the best record we’ve ever talked about doing. We have some cool people helping us get it done too. Anthony from Lowbrow is helping write it, Mike from Death by Stereo is helping out, Andrew from Surefire Loss is on it, etc. It’s a dysfunctional, disjointed way of doing things, but then that seems to be the only way we do things.

We’re only playing one show until 2014 though, as far as I can tell. It’s October 11th in San Diego and it’s our only SD show this year. It’s the Payoff (members of Bombpops and Murderland) cd release show. Gonna be a party. I’ll probably get drunk, ya know just to change things up not at all.

Jared: Why is everyone leaving? Are you that much of an ass hole? Or is it because you have stupid ideas for the band like interviewing yourself?

JARED: Short answer: Yes. Long answer: Sic Waiting has been at this for going on 14 years now. In any business we’re an exemplary failure. In punk rock there’s a prevailing mentality that the longer you “rage against the dying light,” the more valid you become. Point is, this never was and still isn’t about accolades or bank accounts or validation. It’s just something I got used to doing and decided to keep doing. Some people come in and move out, some people come in and stay a while, there’s no one better than the other. There’s just honesty, with yourself and the environment you choose to keep yourself in. That coming from the guy who created a fake interview to get his message out.

Jared: Way to be light and amusing, my many readers will appreciate your lack of brevity. Soooooooo anyways…..what’s the plan for next year then?

JARED: Well if you know anything about this band you know that we ALWAYS make good on the things we say we are going to be doing in the next few months. That being reiterated, we’ll be touring Syria right after the new year because we are expecting there to be a strong American fan base established there soon. Then on to Mars so we can play a show for the Curiosity rover and thus the whole planet. Then Oklahoma City to tattoo Garrett Dale from Red City Radio in his sleep and lastly to Port St. John, Florida so I can stop feeling bad about leading Lauren from Dying Scene on about playing there for three straight years.

Or the short answer: get lineup, record, release, tour. Same ol’ shit.

Jared: Your answers suck and I’m beginning to regret accepting this interview. But those all sound like some lofty plans for a guy with half a band…

JARED: One more outburst like that and I will jump through this mirror and kick my ass, buddy.

Jared: OK calm down. Lastly, do you actually think people are going to be interested in reading an interview you conducted both sides of? Or do you think they will just think you’re a narcissistic dickhole dancing for attention?

JARED: Why thank you, I’ve had a pleasant time too. Of course I will autograph your baby.

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14th February 2013


Hey Look! We Still Have a Tumblr!

Hey look! We still have a Tumblr account! Wondering what we’ve been up to? Well, we’ve been hard at work relaxing, partying and keeping up our every-two-months-posting-an-update habits. We’ve also been preparing new material for a couple releases coming up in the Spring and Summer, one of which is a split with our pallies DC Fallout on Felony Records and one that’s all by our lonesomes. We played a fun-as-fuck show with Unwritten Law in Palm Desert, CA last month, and we have an equally fun-as-fuck show coming up in March with A Wilhelm Scream, the Flatliners, Vultures United and Lowbrow at Slidebar in Fullerton, CA. We’re stoked to be playing with all these bands again, because they make us multiple-eargasm.


Other than these and a couple other shows that are getting finalized, we’ll be mainly working on having some new shit for you in the coming months so we can hit the road this summer and see everyone across the nation once again. Oh, but we’ll be back at Punk Rock Bowling again May 25-27 in Las Vegas, NV. This is the best punk rock party on the planet, and you can get your festival tickets now at Stay tuned for the show announcement, and if you’re gonna be at the lanes then bring the shots to the lane owned by 3 Drunks and a Driver. Until then live long and prosper, yo.

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11th December 2012

Photo with 1 note

Sooooo, I just uploaded some pics from the tour camera that were taken on the (un)Paid Vacation Tour but here’s the thing: due to modern technology, all fun and deranged pictures are taken with alien cellular telephone technology now. So the facebook album “(un)Paid Vacation” has mostly pics of us playing and what not, but to see the real juicy stuff, use Instagram and search:
and to see the tour camera pics, go to 
We’re working on a revamp and the pics will soon be centralized there but until then, deal with it eh?

Sooooo, I just uploaded some pics from the tour camera that were taken on the (un)Paid Vacation Tour but here’s the thing: due to modern technology, all fun and deranged pictures are taken with alien cellular telephone technology now. So the facebook album “(un)Paid Vacation” has mostly pics of us playing and what not, but to see the real juicy stuff, use Instagram and search:


and to see the tour camera pics, go to 

We’re working on a revamp and the pics will soon be centralized there but until then, deal with it eh?

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7th November 2012


In Reno, Where Divorce is No Longer #1 Tourist Attraction!

I give up on trying to be regular about this blog shit. I’m always either too hungover, too busy, on the road with no internet, have too little time, or I’m too hungover. So instead of saying we’ll get better about it, I’ll promise we won’t get worse about it. Meaning every once in a while we’ll throw something up here. Like now.

I’m sitting at Starbucks (naturally) in our hotel in Reno, NV getting some work done and watching some gross-ass dude clip his fingernails 5 feet away from me. Disgusting. We’re biding our time until we play tonight at Shea’s Tavern here in Reno. We had a few days off and turns out Reno hotels are cheap so we’ve actually been in town since Monday, doing nothing much. Turns out there’s not too much to do here in Reno except get wasted. Turns out that works for us.

Lots has happened since the last blog. If you’ve been following on Facebook, or Instagram or Twitter then you have some sort of idea. We had a helluva run with our brothers in DC Fallout. Played some of the best shows of the tour with those guys, starting in Chicago with Counterpunch, Stay Golden, August Premier and Gunner’s Daughter and  culminating in Denver also with Allout Helter, the Repercussions and No More Excuses at the Marquis Theater. We also got to go to the Blasting Room again courtesy of Jason Allen, one of the nicest dudes in music. Only this time, Bill and Alkaline Trio were there putting the final touches on the new record. Everyone was really cool and the 10 seconds of the record my ears pirated sounded pretty fucking rocking! So that was neat. We also had an EPIC BBQ with the DC boys courtesy of a few of you generous people. We stuffed our faces with all kinds of meat, had a homeless fire in a trash bin, drank countless beers and partied the night away all 20 feet from the Kansas National Guard station.

We also had an amazing show with our buds the Bastard Suns in Atlanta at the Masquerade. I tried to stage dive during the Suns, failed, fucked up my knee and looked really stupid. So par for the course, really.

New York was as fun as always, and we’re lucky to have had our 10 day stretch there end right before the hurricane or else the rest of this tour would’ve been canceled! Our thoughts are with all our family and friends there. We also played with a slew of rad bands in New York too.

It would take me way too long to run through every city, band and experience for you guys so I’m saving that for the novel I’ll write at the end of the tour. Suffice it to say, this has been the best tour we’ve ever done, in every aspect, hands down. Going out for 2 1/2 months had us all a little nervous at the beginning but it’s been nothing but successful and good times. Well, mostly successful and good times. Seeing all you new and old friends all over the country has been really amazing, and though we aren’t done yet we are on the home stretch. But we’re going to keep focused ahead and do what we always do. I happen to have a beer in front of me, so I’ll do that. Reno, Bay Area, So Cal and Vegas, you’re the last of it! Get ready to party!

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26th September 2012



24th September 2012


Hangin in Florida about to play with the Queers!

Hey! So we’ve been bad about updating this here tumblr but we’re going to get batter about that. Just not in this post, because I’m tired. Tonight we are playing with the Queers in Fort Walton Beach, FL at Coasters. Pretty stoked on that! And acouple days ago we played with Fishbone in Houma, LA. We met some awesome people that fed and drank us and showed us what that southern hospitality is all about!

But the real important thing I need to mention here is our open hands in front of you just waiting to be filled with riches. We meet up with DC Fallout in like a month and it’s of the utmost importance that we have an EPIC BBQ. Fancy outfits, tasty burgers, beans, beano…you get it. And we need to have fun activities to do while we BBQ. All this requires exactly $500. No more no less. Now while my tone is obviously (hopefully) somewhat mocking, some of you nutso people have actually donated. Greed being what it is, we now have a bloodthirst for more money and will stop at nothing to get it out of your wallet or you cold, dead hands. Whatever. So just remember that when making your decision on how much and how fast to give us free money to have a BBQ in these difficult economic times. There are starving kids in Africa yes, but there are starving punk bands RIGHT HERE IN AMERICA!

Much more to come in the next couple days, use that time to ease your way back into our good graces by giving us free money.


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4th September 2012

Photo with 1 note

New record is out TODAY! go to and pick it up!

New record is out TODAY! go to and pick it up!

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26th August 2012


Next stop, United States…

We had one helluva time last night at the ‘VICES’ cd release! Thanks to everyone that came out and partied with us! We hope you like the cd and swag you got when you left. Thanks to The Shell Corporation and the Drunks Go Acoustic Tour (Matt Salkeld, Lowbrow and Dead Frets) for rocking as well! We have a few days to get our shit together (not happening) before we start our (un)PAID VACATION 2012! And you only have just over a week left to preorder ‘VICES’ and get all the limited release stuff that comes with it. We don’t even have that stuff!!

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16th August 2012


Go here to Pre-Order “VICES” via Dang!Records!

Go here to Pre-Order “VICES” via Dang!Records!

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